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Bitmap Font Writer Collection

A few video game fonts, either ripped from game ROMs myself or converted from the bitmaps available at Daniel Guldkrans' site, for use with Stefan Pettersson's quite handy Bitmap Font Writer utility. (Sorry, only available for PC, though if I manage to find a Mac program with a similar purpose I'll gladly link to it...)

Also worth checking out for bitmap fonts is Moonstruck! Video Game Fonts.

UPDATED 20 August 2004: More bitmappy font goodness taken from a variety of games, both new and old, both well-known and obscure. Originally posted on 18 August; updated with two fonts from the puzzle game "On The Ball".

[Font Samples 2]

Download Bitmap Font Writer collection #2!

The following set of fonts is bundled with Bitmap Font Writer; however, I'm still providing them here for users of previous versions of BFW and users of non-Windows platforms who wish to use the fonts manually.

[Font Samples]

Download codeman38's Bitmap Font Writer collection!

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